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Cannabis is the new frontier in personal wellness today. 

The Elevated Wellness conference is for medical practitioners, healers, massage therapists and patients who want

real information about the benefits of cannabis, and how you can use it in your practice or wellness routine.

8:00am-8:30am        REGISTRATION

8:45am-9:30am        Morning Networking Event and Light Breakfast

9:15am                   Welcome: Kerri Moncrieff

9:30am-10:15am.     Keynote Speaker: Attorney and Author Nikki Furrer

10:15am–11:00am   Understanding the Endocannabinoid System: Dr. David Gordon

11:00am–11:45am   Terpenes and Concentrates: Overview, Production and Use:
                                Susan Trapp, PhD and Ted Reynolds

11:45am–12:30pm   One Doctor's Journey to Cannabis in Healthcare: Dr. Margaret Gedde 

12:30pm-1:00pm      LUNCH 


12:45pm-1:15pm       Leaf411 Presentation

1:15pm–2:00pm       Beauty Business Basics - Topical Uses for Cannabis: Jordan Person


2:00pm–2:45pm       Cannabis Infused Esthetics - Ella Cressman 

2:45pm–3:30pm       Snacks and Samples

3:30pm–4:15pm       Weed is for Winners: Tony Drees                             

                                Adaptive Athlete Champion, Purple Heart Amputee, Motivational Speaker

4:15pm–4:45pm       Elevated Conversation: Interactive Panel Q&A
                               Tahverlee Anglen, Social Impact Entreprenuer (Moderator)

                               Jason Warf, Executive Director of Southern Colorado Cannabis Council

                               Katherine Golden, RN and CEO and Executive Director of Leaf411

                               Rachael Ardanuy, Attorney 



5:00pm                   Closing Remarks/Conclusion​

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Tahverlee, a Social Impact Entrepreneur, has spent her career working with nonprofits to develop meaningful programs that have significant impact in our communities and businesses, in a wide array of industries.  As a matchmaker between corporate and cause, she has developed and implemented projects from small community organizations, to international trade programs – through partnership development and collaboration.  She is a change-maker at heart!

She has recently launched Tahverlee’s Tribe, a new initiative bringing together the top female experts in all industries, to provide coaching and services to professional women and entrepreneurs.  Collectively, these female experts aim to change the narrative of what full female potential looks like.

This is her passion and she brings it to every aspect of her life.  You will find her volunteering, advocating and standing behind meaningful organizations that move the needle towards positive change.  When not putting plans in place to change the world, you can find her training in strength sports to remain healthy AND developing her intuitive gifts to remain connected to her spirit .  She is called mama by two kiddos and one furry baby, and friend and connector to many.

Tahverlee hosts several podcasts: Grit and Grace, Shock & Awe 2.0 and GRRRL Talk, all hosted on the Himalaya network and can be found on any listening app.


Tahverlee Anglen


Since 2015, Rachael Ardanuy has dedicated her legal career to advising and representing entrepreneurs along the entire spectrum of the cannabis business industry. Her extensive knowledge of the applicable laws, regulations, licensing processes and business best practices give her clients a leg up and serve to normalize the cannabis industry as a whole.


Prior to relocating to Colorado, Rachael represented clients in Florida in the areas of family law, estate planning, probate, guardianship, and criminal and civil litigation, and uses her diverse background to provide well-rounded and thorough legal guidance.

Rachael Ardanuy

Jennifer currently serves as Co-Founder and COO of Leaf411™. From 2000 to 2004, Jennifer studied business and contract law in Colorado. In 2009, Jennifer received her B.S. degree from the Academy of Art in San Francisco, CA. She started her career by working for her family business in the automotive industry. She became an entrepreneur for the first time at the age of 23 with a successful fashion styling company in San Francisco. Jennifer has since built three other businesses of her own and has assisted other entrepreneurs with developing their business ideas. Jennifer started in the cannabis industry as a patient, spending three years as a patient advocate and educator.


Jennifer Axcell


Well-known in the esthetics industry, Ella grew up in the harsh, dry, cold climate of rural Southern Colorado. After receiving a BS in Business Management from Metro State University and working in industrial construction, Ella pursed a career in esthetics.


Nominated for a 2018 DERMASCOPE Aestheticians' Choice Award as Favorite Brand Educator, Cressman became a licensed esthetician in 2007 after attending the College of International Esthetics. In 2009 she became a skin care educator and product representative and enjoyed empowering other estheticians and industry professionals to understand skin care from an ingredient standpoint, rather than a product specific view.  She achieved an Organic Skin Care Formulation Certificate in 2014 and an Organic Skin Care Formulation Diploma from Formula Botanica in 2018.


Cannabidiol (CBD) was presented to her as an ingredient in 2014. She has spent hours and hours researching and understanding CBD, along with many major and minor cannabinoids, in how they are relevant, essential and complimentary in skin care. In that, she has received certifications in Understanding the Endocannabiniod System, Cannabinoids for the Professional and Cannabis for the Consumer, as well, holds a Key Employee Badge from the MED of the State of Colorado. Though cannabinoids are her current focus, she maintains a thriving skin care practice in Wheat Ridge, Colorado while continuing to educate professionals on many aspects of the industry.


She has been featured in Skin Deep Magazine, Les Nouvelle Esthetique Magazine, American Day Spa Magazine, CBD Health and Wellness Magazine, Topical Magazine and the popular blog Lipstick and Aftershave. She has been a moderated, presenter and expert panelist for Mace Media’s CBD Expo Event Circuit.


Cressman has consulted for several skin care lines, including several successful CBD brands under the umbrella of Ella Cress Skin Care and founded a comprehensive consulting group in 2019, the HHP Collective.


“Because of proven and ongoing research, we know the many benefits of CBD, which include topical skin care application. As esthetics professionals, it is our responsibility not only to design and formulate thoughtful, effective products, but to educate and increase the understanding of exactly how these botanical extracts are integral in communicating with our body’s systems. I look forward to a time in the very near future, when the word ‘phytocannabinoid’ rolls off the tongue as easily as ‘antioxidants’ when discussing corrective, preventative and anti-aging skin care. Skin Care is not just my passion, but my life.”

Ella HHP Collective Headshot.jpg

Ella Cressman


Tony Drees is the Transition Expert, a Motivational Speaker, an Adaptive Athlete Gold Medalist, Army Veteran, a Purple Heart Amputee, a Champion of Life, and a Father.

IN 1991, Tony survived the deadliest Scud missile attack of the Gulf War and lived to tell about it... when 28 others did not. Ultimately, he lost his right leg to shrapnel-induced cancer in February of 2018, and without any way to comfortably wear a prosthetic.

Tony received his Masters of Management from the University of Phoenix, and in 2015 he received Honorable Recognition at the 2015 NAACP Image Awards for diversity and empowerment in education.

Mr. Drees lives in Colorado and speaks professionally at schools, corporate events, veteran’s benefits, and on TV and radio too. He stands on his only leg when he addresses his audiences to talk about his 3 Rules: No Lies, No Excuses, and Never Quit.


Tony Drees


Nikki Furrer is a lawyer, product developer and author of A Woman’s Guide to Cannabis: Using Marijuana to Feel Better, Sleep Better, Look Better and Get High Like a Lady. She works with cannabis companies to develop products for women, and has created innovative, effective and user-friendly edibles, concentrates, and topicals for medical and recreational markets. Nikki has worked in the cannabis industry as a trimmer, grower, cloner, budtender, dispensary manager, consultant, lawyer, Sales Director and Cultivation Center Director.


She is a medical patient and uses cannabis to manage her depression, anxiety, arthritis and PMS. Before entering the cannabis industry, Nikki owned and managed Pudd’nhead Books, an independent bookstore in St. Louis, MO, where she now lives and grows. 

Nikki Furrer

Margaret Gedde, MD, PhD, is a Stanford-trained clinical pathologist and award-winning researcher in chemistry and biology who worked for 5 years in the pharmaceutical industry as a director and consultant. 

In 2003, realizing that patients can greatly benefit from non-pharmaceutical therapies, she left the 

pharmaceutical industry to open Gedde Whole Health, a holistic, integrative clinical practice. 

Since 2010, her focus has been cannabis medicine. Dr. Gedde guides patients with chronic pain, nausea and many other conditions to treat their symptoms and underlying condition, get healthier, get off excessive 

pharmaceutical medications and improve their quality of life. She is expert in use of cannabidiol (CBD) and other cannabinoids for management of pediatric epilepsy. Dr. Gedde is also the founder

of the Clinicians’ Institute for Cannabis Medicine and is the medical director of Vibrant Health Clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Her ongoing activities include clinical research, patient education, physician training and medical advisory consultation as well as patient care.

M Gedde Headshot - high res.jpg

Dr. Margaret Gedde


Katherine Golden, RN, has served the medical community with a spotless record for over 22 years, spending the last 3 as a cannabis educator and consultant. She currently serves as Co-Founder, CEO and Executive Director of Leaf411™. Her 22 years of experience brings vast knowledge in a variety of nursing roles (med/surg, Ob/gyn, maternity, OR, etc.). Her nursing career started in California and she has been a registered nurse in the state of Colorado since 2005. Katherine has obtained seven separate cannabis-related nursing certificates through The Medical Cannabis Institute (TMCI Global). She is a proud member of American Cannabis Nurses Association (ACNA), Cannabis Nurse Network (CNN), Americans for Safe Access (ASA) and Green Med Info and Nonprofit Leadership Lab.


Katherine Golden, RN


Dr. David Gordon has more than 20 years experience in the medical field, working with patients, running a private practice, consulting health-focused business, and providing health and wellness education to the community. His expertise is providing non-pharmaceutical options for chronic disease prevention and treatment. He currently provides integrative medicine consultations with a focus on implementing effective cannabis therapies to patients wishing to utilize this powerful plant as part of their health and wellness regimen at Holos Health in Boulder, CO and Resource Medical Center in Denver, CO.


Dr. Gordon is also founder and owner of 4 Pillars Health & Wellness, which currently serves as an online educational and resource platform, and for the prior 15 years was a free- standing primary care integrative clinic. In additional to clinical care, Dr. Gordon regularly lectures to patient and practitioner communities on the science of the endocannabinoid system and the use of phytocannabinoids for treatment. He is on the Medical Advisory Boards of Gofire, which is creating the platform to help patients and physicians bring plant-based medicines into the mainstream, and Leaf411, a non-profit providing free education and materials to the general public about the health consequences of cannabis use by means of an information support hotline staffed by

cannabis-trained registered nurses.


Dr. Gordon received his Medical Doctorate and completed his residency training at the University of Colorado and remains on the clinical faculty. He is board-certified in Internal and Integrative Medicine and is a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner through the Institute for Functional Medicine. During his time in practice, Dr. Gordon has witnessed the safety and effectiveness that medical cannabis offers to patients and is excited to be on the forefront of cannabis medicine, bringing that knowledge to patients and the mainstream medical community. He believes for many patients struggling with chronic disease, cannabis can be a gateway to a comprehensive integrative medicine approach leading to optimal health and wellness.

david head shot 1 copy.jpeg

Dr. David Gordon

Kerri Moncrieff is a speaking coach and consultant and believes that connecting to the right tools for success is key to retaining your clients and growing your business. Since 2002, Kerri Moncrieff has been providing education and training for those seeking to take their communication skills to the next level with targeted speaker training for individuals, teams, and businesses. In 2017, as the hemp industry was starting to emerge again, she began to gain insight into the vast utilization of this specific plant. She recognized that there was a need for quality consumer education and a chance to engage in a new conversation about the hemp industry, and she founded Hemp Lass, LLC.


Kerri Moncrieff


Jordan went to school for nursing and massage in Florida and trained in Kauai, Hawaii to become certified in Hot Stone Massage and Lomi Lomi.  Jordan came to Colorado in 2010 as a medical marijuana refugee.  A Nurse of 18 years and a Massage Therapist for 13 years she understands the overwhelming health benefits of cannabis first hand and wanted to help educate the world on what she learned during her journey. She decided to dive head first into the cannabis industry and began working for a medical marijuana dispensary putting her medical career on temporary hold. After healing herself and realizing she could no longer go without being a healer, she found a way to combine her years in the medical field with her years spent working with medical marijuana and Cannabis Infused Massage Therapy was born.


She now makes all the topicals that Primal Therapeutics uses. She created the recipe with her patients in mind and uses all organic ingredients in her creations. She has been teaching Cannabis Massage and Topicals Making 101 since January 2017 and is almost finished with the curriculum for 102.The former executive director of Denver NORML, Jordan is an advocate and an activist for the plant. She is passionate about plant medicine and herbal solutions for health and wellness.


She uses her intuitive energy gifts along with continued education in the therapeutic fields she loves to provide the best care possible to all of her patients. Currently Jordan is busy working on Primal Healing, the newly launched topicals line and providing education via speaking engagements and as a content contributor for GRAM and as a Medical Expert for CannabisMD.


Jordan Person

One of the first co2 extractors in the industry beginning with Charlotte's Web where we also produced alcohol extractions. Quickly moved into quality and product development roles that lead into working with hydrocarbon extracts and final products at EndoCanna.


Following EndoCanna, Ted continued working on extractions and product development as a consultant and licensor. 

Which led him to becoming the Director of Cannabis at FlackTek SpeedMixer, a disruptive processing technology for extractions and formulations. He now takes his expertise all around the country helping Cannabis companies improve production, capabilities, and product quality in extractions and formulations. 


Additionally Ted leads an Endocannabinoid focused biotech company called EndoSyn as CEO and co-founder.


Ted Reynolds


Dr Susan Trapp’s vision is to accelerate cannabis and endocannabinoid research, in a challenging federal environment, through education and research.  Dr. Trapp’s segway into the cannabis industry is her extensive terpenoid research background.  Susan’s PhD and postdoctoral research examined the molecular evolution of the largest class of plant natural products – TERPENOIDS (terpenes).  Susan has been consulting in the cannabis industry for the past several years and in 2018, co-founded an ancillary database cannabis company –TreatmentX – with the mission to advance scientific understanding of cannabis and treatment legitimization through the collation of patient outcomes and cannabis consumption DATA.  Dr. Trapp is currently a co-founder of EndoSyn.bio, an endocannabinoid company and participates as the General Manager of Trialscribe, a data aggregation and analytics platform company. Dr Trapp also consults in the industry and is a scientifc advisor to several cannabis companies. 


Susan has over 20 years of experience in the biotechnology field both as a plant-microbe molecular biology researcher and “beyond the lab bench”.  She has held scientific, management, and early stage development positions within the biotech industry, academia, government, and start-up community, from algae biofuels to genomes, and now Cannabis-Hemp industry.  Dr Trapp participated directly on the human genome project with Dr. Craig Venter early in her scientific career.


In her spare time, Susan enjoys educating beyond cannabis and the sciences, she also enjoys teaching biology at her local community college, yoga, swimming and the disable skiing.  She is a lover of world travel adventures, music, Karma her cat, and dabbles as an charcoal artist.


Dr. Susan Trapp


Jason Warf became active in cannabis advocacy and policy in the early 2000s. Warf has led many non-profits in this space. Since 2011, Jason has served as the Executive Director of the Southern Colorado Cannabis Council, the state’s oldest industry group. In this capacity,  Jason has worked on cannabis policy at every level of government in Colorado, and in multiple other markets. At press time, Warf has worked in some capacity, on approximately two-hundred pieces of cannabis legislation.

Screen Shot 2019-09-05 at 7.19.30 PM.png

Jason Warf